Children's world

The Zalakaros Spa became an acropolis of families over the years. It does not only provide healing, but also fun and power to the whole family.

The indoor children’s world is open every day of the year for the little scallywags. Adventure pool with more levels, slides and water toys guarantee the funny and substantial amusement.

Slides and water adventures

The three slides with different difficulty level provide varying challenges to the enterprising children. The small adventurers may cross without being wet on the suspension bridge between the islands above the pools, unless somebody hits them with the water cannons located on the islands. Bigger kids may also climb after several sliding rounds on the ropeway hanging into the pool with deeper water. Cannons, rope ladder, islands: it is a real pirate adventure full of treasures, isn’t it?

On the water playground made for the smallest kids the crawlers may also splash, as they want due to the low water level. The rose colour, flower-shaped water swing will be the favourite toy of the babies for sure.


Mothers, Fathers there is no reason to worry! You will be able to attract your kids out of the pools! The empire of adventures on two floors including playgrounds on the gallery offers plenty of entertainments on the land. You may dry between two rounds of water fun in the family sauna and build a castle in the salt box.

Children’s and family sauna

Our sauna world is located at the area between the adventure spa and the indoor children’s world, where you may try the salt box or the children’s sauna warmed up to a kid-friendly temperature of 40-45 degrees. On thing is sure: if they did not become tired enough in the water, even the stayers will grow languid in the warmth of the sauna.

After the water attractions and adventures it is necessary to refill our energy stores. The offer of the family buffet located a few steps away from the relax zone supports it with tasty and fast dishes. However it is not so funny, to slide with a full belly! The spacious relax room with modern furniture serves as perfect location for resting. The baby-mother room is ideal for an afternoon nap.

Good to know!

Open: over the whole year
Water temperature: 30-34°C
Water type: thermal water
Age: 0-12 years

With which type of entry cards may the indoor children’s world be used?
-It can be visited with a daily ticket.

The open-air children’s world offers more than 60 water attractions and a two-floor pool complex on 400 m2 to the guest kids. On the lower floor the youngsters visiting Zalakaros may splash in the shadow of sun sails, swim in the mysterious cave lines of the water world or hide under water-sprinkling gates and flowers

The adventuresome kids may discover the excitements of the mini black hole or fight a water battle with the water cannons. If they want to experience more fun, they may pass over the water on the bridges spanned above the pools without getting in touch with the water – and it was just a foretaste of the water adventures.

More, than 60 water attractions are available for kids:

  • water playground, where even the smallest can have fun
  • slides for small and big kids
  • anaconda slide
  • rainbow slide
  • acropolis of battles with water cannons

Good to know!

Open: 01.05.-13.09.2020
Water temperature: 32-34°C
Water type: thermal water
Age: 0-12 years

With which type of entry cards may the outdoor children’s world be used?
-It can be visited with a daily ticket.