Sauna world

We are proud to introduce our new sauna world connected to the adventure spa building at Zalakaros Spa to our guests, where the heat is going to have a refreshing effect on you! Here you can find everything, what we warmly recommend to your skin and entire body. Finnish sauna, steam bath and aroma sauna awaits our guests. We fulfil the requirements of the sauna users in the smallest details with warm and cold cooling tub, Jacuzzi, ice feeder and an exclusive infra relaxation area.

Sauna has a well-doing effect on the human body, regenerates body and soul, furthermore strengthens the immune system. The heat of the sauna during use forces our body and soul to rest, calm down and relax. Its long-term effect is refreshing, because freed from the toxins via our skin our body will be recreated, our skin will be more beautiful and clean.


  • Finnish saunas 
  • Steam cabin
  • Ice feeder
  • Cold and warm cooling tub
  • Jacuzzi

Sauna ceremonies

AWe increase/enhance the sauna pleasures to the maximum with our sauna programs three times a day, which are subject to a preliminary registration and a sauna ceremony ticket.

In return for this our educated sauna masters put up and mix the perfect scent-combinations for you in the course of the sauna ceremonies above all your expectations. They visualize faraway exotic places, nice old memories, uplifting feelings with the help of the evaporating aromas: they recall everything, which is pleasant for body and soul.

The sauna program is a séance, where the masters responsible for the temperature and atmosphere draw on well-known melodies, so the 12-15 minutes fly away silently. They consider gradualness and moderation, but the guests may leave the sauna at any time during the séance in accordance with their individual capabilities.

The sauna world is a textile-free zone similar to the western sauna habits. For the sauna use we provide sauna sheets free of charge against the payment of a deposit fee.

Good to know!

Opening hours: during the whole year
Age: above 18 years 

With which type of entry cards may the sauna world be used?
- It may be visited with a complex spa entry ticket with new sauna world ticket.

Timetable for sauna séances

Valid from 01.07.2020.

Sunday to Thursday

TimeSéance type
14:00 Salty skin scrub
15:30 Vitamin séance
17:00 Strong icy séance

Friday and Saturday

TimeSéance type
14:00 Aroma scrub
15:00 Salty skin scrub
16:00 Vitamin séance
17:00 Strong icy séance
  • COMPLEMENTARY COMPLEX + SAUNA WORLD TICKET FOR BASIC TICKET 2 800.- HUF May be purchased in addition to the BASIC tickets, if you have a basic ticket, but you would like to use the services included in the complex and sauna world entry tickets.