Medical treatments

Pool bath
The medicinal bath is as essential part of the cure. Before the treatments the muscles will be relaxed and prepared for the therapy treatment as an effect of the water temperature. Recommended duration: 30-40 minutes, unless the physician specifies others.

Tub bath
Individualized based on the disease or symptoms, with medical advice.

Mud mask
We apply the medicinal mud of Hévíz mixed with the medicinal water of Zalakaros warmed up to the proper temperature in a 5-8 cm thick layer to the body part defined by the physician, then we cover it expertly to keep the heat and leave it on the treated body part for the defined time. It is recommended to take an hour of rest after the mud mask!

Scope of application: degenerative diseases of the locomotor system, rehabilitation after accidents, sport injuries, chronic gynaecologic diseases, skin diseases (e.g. psoriasis). Rapid improvement may be achieved due to its immune system strengthening and pain relieving effect.

The mud mask treatment is only available after consultation with the physician and with medical advice.

Weight bath
A treatment with stretching and pulling may be mainly applied in case of vertebral disk problems, but also in case of knee and hip pains. The patient hangs in a specially equipped pool either suspended by his neck according to the problematic body part or in resting position by the armpits. The load may be increased gradually with the development of the treatments.

The weight bath treatment is only available after consultation with the physician and with medical advice.

Carbonic acid bath
The free carbonic acid gas settles in form of small bubbles on the body surface. As an effect of it the capillary vessels expand, the blood circulation will be stimulated and the skin blushes. It may be used in case of hypertonia, minor heart complaints and as a treatment after infarction and distress, it has a calming effect in case of complaints caused by stress. Further indications: diabetes, osteoporosis, improvement and conditioning of the nervous system function.

Medical healing massage
The rigid, strained, aching muscles can be loosened with the help of the classic Swedish massage movements.  The elasticity of the skin may be improved, the emptying of the deposited toxins can be supported by the stimulation of the blood circulation. It is recommended for people doing heavy physical work or having a seated workplace.

Underwater massage with water jet, as an effect of it the muscle stiffness will be reduced, the rigidity of the musculature and the degenerated joints will be loosened. It stimulates the metabolism and the lymph circulation. A personalized treatment executed in a special tub.

Underwater remedial gymnastic in groups
The body weight will be reduced during the gymnastics in the medicinal water, so it can be done in case of joint pains and the mobility of the joints can be improved. The gymnastics directed by the physiotherapist have conditioning, pain-relieving, metabolism and blood and lymph circulation stimulating effect.

Complex treatment
In case of a complex treatment the physician prescribes 15 of the package consisting of 1 medicinal bath entry and 3 treatments selected by him, which may be used twice a year. The patient has to participate on the treatments 3 weeks long on each weekday (Monday to Friday). Our spa ensures a separate room for relax for the time between the treatments available on the particular day.

Each drop is an adventure

2000 meters
deep healing water
50 kinds
50 Years
of medical expertise

Remedial gymnastics

1. Individual remedial gymnastics
Our physiotherapists use a special, personalized exercise therapy for the restoration of the function of the infected body part considering the psychical, structural and age characteristics of the patient (McKenzie gymnastics, Terrier-type mobilisation of the inguinal area, mobilisation in antigravity position, muscle training with equipment, etc.)

2. Remedial gymnastics in groups

  • Neck and shoulders gymnastics – with the help of equipment (ball, stick, rubber straps)
  • Spinal gymnastics – muscle strengthening, posture correction with physio-ball
  • Osteoporosis gymnastics – remedial therapy gymnastics for patients with osteoporosis
  • Intimate gymnastics


Electrotherapy treatments
4 peak galvanic, selective stimulating current, stabile galvanic, diadynamic, interference, iontophoresis, TENS.

Ultrasound, underwater ultrasound treatments
Lymphoid massage released by mechanical vibrations with anti-inflammatory, muscle relaxing, pain-relieving, vessel expanding and epithelial cell building effect. The underwater ultrasound treatment is mainly used for the treatment of the small joints of the hands.

Magneto-therapy (magnetic ring)
The magnetic field influences the ion circulation within the cells, the oxygen supply of the cells improves, the capillaries extend, so the toxins can be excreted quicker, the inflammation and the accompanying pain reduces.
After the electrotherapy treatments – especially in case of the application of anti-inflammatory or pain-relieving cream – it is recommended to take a rest of one hour! Consultation with the physician of the spa is necessary for the purchase of the electrotherapy treatments.


Healing touch massage
We stimulate all senses, and we use a massage cream with our medicinal water for this. The product extremely rich in trace elements and minerals has a refreshing effect during the relaxing massage. You may find a wide assortment of our cosmetics containing medicinal water in the spa shop, so you can take home with you the essence of Zalakaros.

Mud bath
During the treatment we use medicinal mud from Hévíz mixed in adequate proportion with medical water from Zalakaros. It is recommended to take an hour of rest after the mud bath! Scope of application: degenerative diseases of the locomotor system, rehabilitation after accidents, sport injuries. It has a positive effect in case of chronic gynaecologic diseases and some types of skin diseases.

Parafango is a mixture of mud and paraffin. We place parafango warmed up to 40°C on the infected body part in form of a warm mask, then it will be covered. Effect: improves the blood circulation, the oxygen supply of the body tissues and relieves pain. In may be used effectively in case of spinal or limb joint inflammations, osteoarthritis and muscle pains.

Foot reflex massage
The foot massage is an adequate method for the prevention of diseases, refreshing and regeneration. The massage of the foot reflex zones has a harmonising effect on the function of the whole body. It strengthens the immune system, detoxifies, initiates the self-healing mechanisms of the body, refreshes and relaxes.

Lymphoid massage
The lymphoid massage stimulates the return flow of the lymphatic fluid with the help of the massage technique applied to the connection tissue. The lymphoid massage activates the immune system and the metabolic processes, empties the oedemas of the tissues – so it can relieve the pain of the affected organs, furthermore it stimulates the blood circulation, the nutrient and oxygen supply of the cells indirectly.

Incontinence treatment
Incontinence is a disease causing unpleasant symptoms and urine holding problems. The symptoms may be relieved with the help of the electro-stimulation treatment applied to the pelvic musculature very effectively. The muscles contract due to the electric impulses and their original poise may be recovered. The treatments can be started without preliminary medical examination. The efficiency of the electrotherapy treatment may be improved with intimate gymnastics lead by professional physiotherapists.