In our spa you will not only part of special wellness adventures, but also renewed gastronomy, wide range of food and beverages, self-service restaurant, fast food buffets, refreshing drinks are offered to our guests on every day of the year.

Gastronomy locations open throughout the whole year:

"Behán” Gastro Bistro

“Behán” Gastro Bistro is located on the -1st floor of the covered spa, where A’la carte selection and daily menu offers await the guests with plate-service. Wide range of local dishes and delicacies of Zala county served by polite and friendly staff.

“Üvegtigris” Buffet

Family restaurant located at the gallery of the covered children’s water world, which is extended during summer season with an atmospheric cocktail bar at the open-air adventure pool. The buffet’s offer includes wide selection of meals, drinks, desserts, snacks preferred by children. Favourable prices, quick service enable to spend the most of the time with water adventures.

Cezar Winery shop and Café

Cezar Winery is shop of one of the most popular winery of Zala county, where you may get acquainted with premium quality wines and other self-made products, and you can even surprise your beloved ones with these. The shop is located at the main building, where coffee, fresh fruit juices, sandwiches, sweets and snacks are also available beyond the wines.

“Fürdő” Café and Lottery Shop

“Fürdő” Café is located at the main entrance of the main building with an atmospheric street-side terrace, from where you may enjoy the beautiful world of our flowery small city. It offers coffee, refreshing drinks, salty and sweet snacks to its guests. You may also try your luck with sports bet, scratch card or by filling a lottery ticket.

Gastronomy locations open during summer season:

Corner Coffee & Bar

The new café operated by the spa one corner away from the main summer entrance. Start the day with a locally made, fresh pastry and an extremely delicious Trucillo coffee, return during the day for a cooling ice cream or drink. This corner is always on your way and offers something delicious in the form of a tempting Segreto patisserie-speciality or a refreshing icy lemonade.

“Berényi” Restaurant

“Berényi” Restaurant operates at the open-air spa next to the Thermal Sea as a self-service restaurant, where the smiling staff awaits the guests with wide range of classic dishes. You do not have to wait long and you receive very delicious meals, and afterwards you may also consume a tasty ice or an aromatic coffee. You should not miss it!

Hungarian “Lángos” buffet

When summer and open-air spa, than Hungarian “Lángos”… we also know it well. It should be crunchy, but at the same time soft and short, and the topping is also not all the same, is it? The Hungarian “Lángos” buffet is located at the central area of the open-air spa in the shadow of huge plane trees. Pancakes, donuts, strudel, furthermore refreshing drinks, draught beer and coffee extend the assortments in addition to its main offer, Lángos.

Gastro Bistro

Operating at the area of the open-air spa next to the giant slides, the Gastro Bistro is a kind of self-service restaurant. In addition to the wide range of roasted and fried dishes and other classic meals, its coffee, ice and ice cream assortment is also rich.

Mojito Lemon cocktail stand

The Mojito Lemon cocktail stand located at the open-air spa looks after the refreshment of guests. The alcoholic and alcohol-free cocktails will be prepared here on a bed of fresh lime, lemon and ice, therefore they serve as guarantee for refreshment

Open-air spa buffet

Once you arrive at the open-air spa from the adventure spa, between the children’s world and the playhouse, you may gorge yourself, if you got hungry when you came out of the water. In addition to the trendy street food dishes, like hamburger, hot-dog, gyros the chitterlings and sausages recount the feeling of the old standing buffets. Of course, you may also get coffee, refreshing drinks, draught beer and ice.

Candyfloss and Ice’N’Go

When the time for afternoon snack has come, and your child would like to have a special sweet, then he / she may smear himself / herself clammy with a scummy candyfloss or eat a portion of “ball” ice with spoon. At least he / she will have a well-founded reason, if he / she already got wet after washing hands, to splash once more into one of the pools.